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2017 NOBCChE National Science Fair- Senior Division (High School)

Voting for the People's Choice Award is open from November 1 at 6 PM to November 2 at 6 PM. The winner will be announced November 3 at the NOBCChE STEM Week Awards dinner.

Name Grade School City, State Project Title
Brianna Pickney  12 Rockdale Magnet School Conyers, GA Comparison Study of Antibiotics and Bacteriophage on E. coli

Britteny Okorom

12 Renaissance High School Detroit, MI All That Glitters Is For The Gullible: The Paradox of Value
Christina Chatman  12 Arabia Mountain High School Decatur, GA Effect of Micronization on the Gastric Digestion of Tart Cherry Puree
Cionne Gates  11 Rockdale Magnet School Conyers, GA The Effect of Aerosolized 1,4 Dioxane on Lung Cells
Daniel Luu  10 Rockdale Magnet School Conyers, GA The Effect of Fungi on the Rate of Phytoextraction
Jessica Kamuche  12 Rockdale Magnet School Conyers, GA Meaningful Dialogue Impact on Parent/Teen Relations

The NOBCChE National Science Fair is a poster competition in which students present an independent completed research project. Each contestant in the Science Fair must demonstrate their ability to conduct a research project by:

  • Submitting an abstract of 150 words or less on an individual research project in one of the following four categories: physical sciences, math & engineering, consumer science, or biological sciences
  • Presenting the results of the research in a poster format, including answering questions from judges; and submitting a written report during the poster presentation.